Focus on the development and application of adhesives

It’s professional because it’s focused

The whole solution of electronic adhesive

With excellent moisture-proof, dust-proof, electronic products to provide security functions

A variety of electronic adhesives

Provide reliable products, easy to use, reliable, durable

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Products mainly cover the consumer electronics needed Silica Gel, epoxy, UV glue, quick-drying Glue and other series

  • Silica gel
  • Epoxy glue
  • UV Glue
  • Speed Glue
  • A research and development, production, sales as one of the professional adhesive Products Company
    Focus on the development and application of electronic adhesive

    Since its establishment in July 2014, Hongjin Technology Co. , Ltd. has been adhering to the development policy of “excelsior and continuous innovation” . The company has an independent precision testing room and laboratory, and has signed a testing and analysis cooperation agreement with the 863 Program, where resources can be shared preferentially. Hongjin is a company with strong technology, Innovation and comprehensive development of the team. The company attaches great importance to the introduction of high-level technical personnel, all of the company’s technical personnel are bachelor degree or above (including doctor of Chinese Academy of Sciences) , and have many years of professional experience in the industry.

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